Email Signature Tips for Students and Graduates

For students who are approaching the end of their degrees, or those who already have, and are starting to send emails to potential employers, it is important to give a great first impression. The best way to add a professional feel to every email you send is by using an email signature.

In order to have a professional email signature, there are certain elements that are vital to include. So what should you include in your student or graduate email signature?


Contact details

We recommend keeping your signature very basic by including just important details like your full name, main telephone number and email address. You can also include your degree, university/college and your graduation year, particularly if the degree is relevant to the job you are applying for.



Personal links

Only add links to your social media accounts if they are appropriate. If you also own a website or blog relevant to your desired career, link to them in your signature. If you’d like to make your email signature more personal, you can also add a photo of yourself.




In terms of design, it is best to stick to one font and one plain color; remember you are trying to give a professional impression and using brightly colored fonts will not help. Follow these tips for what else you shouldn’t include in your signature:



The process of job hunting may be daunting, but being prepared before you start will help. By sticking to our tips and keeping your student email signature basic and professional, you will no doubt impress any potential employer and get many responses!

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