Create an Email Signature That Prompts Action

Millions of emails are sent daily, and it’s important that these are all signed-off with a professional email signature. Email signatures are a great way to provide your contact details and raise brand awareness, but there are other opportunities you can use your signature for. When you’re constantly emailing existing or potential customers and partners, you have a great opportunity to use your email signature to direct them to your website, blog, or social media accounts.

Signatures are also an ideal place to advertise special offers, surveys or upcoming events by using promotional banners. Promotional banners in an email signature are a great way to raise awareness and prompt action. If you’re conducting a customer service survey, for example, the banner needs to stand out within your signature in order to encourage your recipient to click it.

So, what makes an effective promotional banner to use in email signatures? To ensure your banner prompts action, there are three main parts you will need to include; your company’s branding, short and effective copy, and a call-to-action.


1. Branding

It’s not vital to include your company logo in the banner, as it may already be included in your signature. However, it is important to use your corporate colors, as this maintains consistency and it also avoids any color clashes in the signature. Try to use a similar design to your company website, display ad banners or other promotional material you use.

2. Copy

The less text, the better. Your copy has to be instantly readable and straight to the point. Make sure the text isn’t too small, and that the language you use is easy to understand.

3. Call-to-action

The most important part of a promotional banner is the call-to-action. If you want to direct your recipient to a website, it is best practice to design a button with text such as “learn more” or “click here”.

Once you’ve finished designing your promotional banner, it’s important to measure its effectiveness. Add a tracking URL that will capture data on clicks and appear in Google Analytics or any other web analytics platform you use.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to incorporate a promotional banner into your signature, check out some examples we’ve made here.

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