Email is STILL the most important corporate tool

With the emergence of new technologies and new avenues to conduct business, such as via social media, a recent report from the Pew Research Center has proved that email is still the most important corporate tool for employees.


The Pew Research Center interviewed online workers, regardless of the industry they were employed in, and asked them about their use of technology in the workplace. From the poll carried out, 61% said they felt email is “very important” to their job. In comparison, 54% considered the Internet to be important and just 4% thought social media is important.

In order to segment this data for further analysis, Pew decided to break these workers into two distinct categories – Office-Based (“white collar” workers) and Non-Office-Based (“blue collar” workers). For people who don’t work traditionally in an office, email was not as important (25%), but office workers polled substantially higher (78%).


As we begin a new year and as technology continues to evolve, it is important to remember that email has still yet to be beaten in the corporate world.

Go to the Pew Research Center website to view the full report.

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