Important Email Archiving Tips

As you are no doubt aware, email archiving is a way of capturing email content either directly from an email application or during message transport. You can create archiving scenarios that allow messages to be moved to an offline archive and out of the mailbox archive. When this happens, these messages no longer take up space in an actual mailbox.

Here are some top tips to take note of when it comes to email archiving:

  • Consider your options – It’s important to decide whether you want to archive your emails on your workstation, create another copy elsewhere or store them in the Cloud.
  • Storage folders – You can create folders for email archiving in your mail client that are accessible and easy to reach.
  • Delete unwanted emails – Removing unwanted emails immediately will save you time and stop junk mails reaching the archive.  You can set the mail client to delete email from the server automatically.
  • Business solutions – Complying with security, regulations and productivity are key elements to consider when deciding on an email archiving solution.

Exclaimer Mail Archiver is a powerful email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange that gives you all the business and compliance benefits of email archiving without the setup and running costs that are usually associated with email archiving. This Exchange archiving software solution is remarkably easy to install and configure, does not require any specialist IT skills to manage, works on hardware of all specifications and does not need complex and expensive relational database packages to operate.

Exclaimer Mail Archiver also allows you to set up rules for where emails should be saved to. Emails that meet certain criteria can be archived differently using the software’s rules engine, e.g. archive recent emails to local mail stores and send older emails to the Cloud.

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