Email archiving – quick fix or long-term solution?

When people hear that you have a ‘quick fix’ to a problem, they probably won’t expect much. A quick fix has become another way to say that it is temporary.

You borrow money to cover cash flow problems in the short term, but if you don’t pay the money back in time, you can end up in serious trouble.

You get an extension on a crucial deadline to give you a bit more time to finish something, but if you don’t complete the project then, there will be negative consequences.

So, is email archiving also a quick fix as well?

Email archiving is very quick in the sense that it usually takes minutes to install, setup and start archiving your emails. There will be virtually no administrative upkeep, so once the email archive is established, your email problem is technically fixed.

Your email archive will retain all email communications in a secure and compliant fashion. You now have easy access to your entire email history, so eDiscovery and compliance requests won’t be an issue. Email archiving solutions also massively reduce data storage requirements as well. With all emails retained, you can focus more on other IT issues that need doing.

However, what also makes email archiving so impressive is that it also has long-term benefits as well. A robust email archive can last as long you are in business and you usually won’t have to think about getting another archiver down the line.

Most quick-fix solutions just mask a problem. With email archiving, you are guaranteed to get your problem solved quickly, but gain real long-term benefits at the same time. Email archiving is both a quick fix and a long-term solution that you should seriously consider for your business.

So, which email archiving solution do you choose? Well, you want one that is affordable, powerful, easy to install, doesn’t require specialist IT skills or additional hardware to operate. We can help you there with a solution that is:

  • Up to 60% cheaper than competing products.
  • Completely self-contained, so you don’t need to purchase any other software and hardware.
  • Saves to hardware of all specifications.
  • Able to find emails easily in Outlook.
  • Designed to start archiving and searching within 10 minutes

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