Email archiving for the US Education sector

Many educational institutions are well aware of the potential legal issues that can occur if they don’t archive emails correctly. In the US, a Harris Poll found 65% of K12 school principals feared that the decisions they make might be legally challenged. At the same time, 55% also agreed that the threat of legal challenges has increased in recent years.

If a school district faces an increase in legal costs, it can be potentially crippling. US schools already have to pay out huge legal bills, with one example being the Los Angeles Unified School District which has spent over $183 million on lawsuits over a four-year period.

Effective email archiving might not make this problem go away, but it can certainly reduce the cost of these huge legal bills.

All businesses use email as a way of recording information. Schools are no different, with most faculty communications being carried out in this manner, along with a lot of the contact they have with students and parents.

With email archiving, schools can be assured that these electronic records are safe and accessible at all times. Within the eDiscovery process, there is a responsibility for both parties to disclose email early in the proceedings. Basically, a school needs to always have quick access to email records, which will facilitate smooth communications with both parties.  Also, email evidence needs to be provided in its original form and can show no signs of evidence tampering.

Schools face legal action simply because of the nature of the industry and email evidence can be vital in modern legal cases. With an email archiver in place, lawsuits become much easier to deal with and an institution can feel much more protected should any legal actions take place.

This advice doesn’t just apply to to the US. Any education workers reading this post from other countries should be aware that email archiving is just as important to them as it is to the US.

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