Email archiving for business owners

Email is a vital communication tool for your organization. You use it to talk to partners, colleagues, suppliers and customers. It’s become so vital that the volumes sent to and from your organization are staggering. A structured and rapidly searchable archive of every incoming, outgoing and internal email can be a source of huge organizational insight. It can also surface behaviors and activities that are undesirable, likely to compromise your organization or just plain illegal. Here are some usage examples:

  • How many people in different departments are talking to your key customers? Is that communication joined up? Are customer relationships well managed?
  • Is your key salesman about to leave? Is he/she grooming his/her best customers to take with him/her?
  • Are any of your staff guilty of threatening or bullying behavior by email?
  • Has anyone given a customer cause for complaint, failed to meet a key commitment or matched a price promise? How will you resolve a dispute unless you have rapid access to independent evidence?
  • Is anyone defrauding your business or acting in a way that will legally compromise you? It’s amazing what people will commit to their work emails assuming that sheer volume makes it impossible to monitor.

Simply put, your regular mail system isn’t good enough. For one thing, staff can delete emails ahead of any legal issues arising. For another, the search functionality is unlikely to be powerful and responsive enough to meet your needs. A dedicated email archiving solution stores your organization’s complete email history letting you meet any email discovery and compliance needs.

  • See every email your company sends and receives.
  • Expose behaviors that are undesirable, compromise your organization or break the law.
  • Defend yourself against groundless allegations.
  • Comply with the email retention regulations that apply to your sector without compromising IT.
  • Implement compliance needs, like a legal hold, within minutes.
  • Meet eDiscovery requirements, such as Freedom of Information requests, simply and easily.

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