Email Archiving Doesn’t Have to Break The Bank

Many companies understand the benefits of email archiving. From SMBs to large multinational corporations, the need to archive emails is becoming necessary for legal compliance, managing sensitive information and other e-discovery purposes. The best email archiving solutions need to not just store emails, but be able to retrieve them quickly.

However, the biggest downside for purchasing an archiving solution is cost. Traditionally, email archiving systems require dedicated hardware and database platforms that are expensive to buy. This puts the advantages of email archiving out of reach of smaller organizations. Archiving solutions also require a lot of specialized skills, especially if it’s being done for compliance or litigation purposes.

Some businesses decide to simply purchase additional storage options to store all corporate emails, but as more are sent and received, the amount of disk space these emails take up increases rapidly. So, more storage is then required and then more. In end, it is not cost-effective to keep purchasing storage units for email archiving.

The best email archiving solution is one that does what you need, is easy to use and fits in with your budget structure. That’s why you need Exclaimer Mail Archiver for Microsoft Exchange.

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