Email archiving – as easy to use as a search engine

Do you use search engines? Of course, you do. We all do to find websites and answers to important questions such as ‘What’s going on where I live?’, ‘How much does this iPad cost?’ and ‘Where can I watch funny cat videos?’

Search engines serve an invaluable function online, so it stands to reason that they have to be easy to use. If Google or Bing weren’t user-friendly, people wouldn’t use them. It’s the simplicity of being able to access millions of resources from typing a keyword or phrase that makes them so popular. Email archiving works in a similar fashion and, just as with search engines, you don’t need to be a technical whizz to master it.

Simple to use

An email passes through your company’s spam filters. The email archiver will then take the email in order to store the message and any attachments. If you need to access the email at a later date, all you have to do is enter a keyword or phrase into the archiving program and hit ‘Search’.

See how it is similar to a search engine?

eDiscovery requests

As a business user, your company will receive eDiscovery requests from time to time. If you have an easy way to access archived emails, it means that these requests can be completed quickly and efficiently. Plus, you won’t end up paying massive legal bills by not completing the request within 72 hours. You don’t want to be the victim of a costly lawsuit, do you?

Whenever you search your email archive, any result is basically a good result. If you find an email that could have negative consequences for your business, it is better than producing nothing at all. Alternatively, if you find an email that clears your company of any wrongdoing in a legal case, you will have resolved an important matter in a short space of time. The simplicity of an email archiver means that any email can be searched with a minimum of fuss.

Email archiving systems really are one of the easiest programs to use. If you know how to use Google, you already know how to use an email archiver. Many companies look into putting one in place when it is already too late such as when an eDiscovery request is lodged.

Why wait until that happens? Purchase a high-quality email archiving system today.

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