Easily Implement Cheap Email Archiving

Email archiving is an important practice that every business has to deal with at some point. Suppose your company was the subject of a lawsuit. This WILL happen at some point and you WILL need to go through the process of an eDiscovery request.

This involves the sharing of digital information between the parties that are involved in the legal case. Email is a major corporate record, so it will form a large part of this.

As email is used so much, controlling these communications is vital. The best way to do this is to use a third party email archiving solution, which will cure any archiving headaches.

However, what if your company can’t afford an email archiver? Well, all you need to do is implement the following three steps and you’ll have a cheap email archiving system in place in no time.

Store all emails in one location

If you’re going it alone and aren’t going to purchase an email archiving solution, you need to follow the same email archiving best practices as third party providers do. In terms of storing emails, this means keeping them in one place, so when you need to find an old email, you’ll know where to look.

However, under no circumstances should you save these emails as PST files. They go missing, get corrupted and are hard to search. Would you treat any other business critical resource this way?

Create a structure

Any email archiving solution worth its weight will use structure to make it easy to search for appropriate emails. File names and folders need to be uniform to aid in the search process. Email archiving best practices are geared around compliance and eDiscovery. You need to make sure that your archiving solution makes it easy to find emails when needed, especially for legal cases.

Make sure everyone uses it

An email archiving solution needs to cover every email. Without the automated options provided by a third party product, you have to make sure that every employee follows your archiving procedure to the letter. Not a single email can go missing as the loss of just one could ruin the integrity of an eDiscovery or regulatory request. If you’re relying on your own email archiving solution, it needs to be clear to all employees that these strict archiving procedures are not optional.

All of the above points are essential if you are planning to archive emails on your own. Still, you’re leaving a lot to chance and there’s no guarantee that it will work.

The other option is to let a third party do it all for you with a simple cost-effective solution. Email archiving really doesn’t have to break the bank if you choose the right solution.

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