Don’t rely on your email server for archiving

Do you have an email archiving solution for your business or are you just relying on your email server to do all the heavy lifting for you? If you don’t use an email archiver, you could be setting yourself up for a fall.

Think for a moment how much work your email server has to do. Every day, it has to deliver incoming and outgoing messages, as well as store all emails that employees have in their inboxes and folders. If you are asking it to archive all company emails as well, you really are asking a lot of one piece of hardware. If this server should fail, you could end up losing a lot.

So, why not ask all employees to archive their emails on their machines? Surely this would work?

Well, it could to a point. However, that means you are then relying on every computer in your organization to store emails, as well as do all of their daily operations and store any important data an employee needs for their job role. What will happen if an employee leaves or a machine fails?

Basically, the answer to all these questions is email archiving. With an email archiver, you have a dedicated place to store and archive all emails your business sends and receives without putting excess pressure on your server. You can let the email archive take responsibility for email storage and give employees access to all their messages without any risk of overloading the memory on their machine.

An email archiving solution is invaluable for relieving other important systems of tasks that could slow them down or take away from their primary function. Every business can benefit from an email archiver, especially when it is intelligently priced and easily scalable for all organizational sectors and sizes.

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