Email auto responses at Christmas

Are you working at double speed to keep up with the festive demand? Are you swamped under a mass of unread and unanswered customer emails? This season, take some of the pressure off with Exclaimer Auto Responder.

Give your customers the highest level of communication with beautifully branded email auto responses.

Auto Responder helps you to:

  • Promote your whole range of products or services by automatically attaching brochures to response emails.
  • Ensure your responses are beautifully branded and appear personalized.
  • Communicate last order and delivery dates clearly.
  • Inform your customers of closing times during the festive period.

Auto Responder works seamlessly with the Exclaimer Signature Manager Product Suite, our award-winning email signature software, to ensure you get your festive promotional message across this season.

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How Exclaimer Can Help:

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