Do you understand what email archiving is?

What is ’email archiving’? How do you define what ’email archiving’ is? If someone stopped you in the street and asked you what email archiving is, you’d probably say that it is a way of storing email communications. However, email archiving is so much more than just a storage tool.

Think of an email archive as like a repository or a vault. It’s basically a safe environment that secures the preservation of email data. This guarantees the safety and compliance of this archive for disaster recovery purposes and makes finding old emails a simple process.

A dedicated email archiving solution is automated so that it automatically extracts message contents and attachments from incoming and outgoing emails. After the archiver indexes the emails, they are stored in the archiver in a read only format. This makes it easy for authorized personnel to access, but not alter, messages to maintain compliance.

Email archiving also reduces the burden on existing IT infrastructure by reducing the amount of emails stored on local hard drives on PCs. Email archivers take up less storage space than other email storage methods like servers.

Email archiving ensures that there is always a centralized copy of all emails available for access. If ever a user accidentally or deliberately deletes an email from their account, the archiver will save it. Central eDiscovery processes can then take place without searching individual computers or storage tape. Emails can be found just by performing a keyword search, which can be very important if an email is required as evidence for a legal case.

Email backup and email archiving

A common misconception is that email archiving is the same as an email backup. Backups save current data in the event of a system failure or loss, while archiving protects both current and historical email data so it is preserved securely and is easily accessible. As email archivers allow for quick eDiscovery, an organization can literally save millions in costs compared to searching through years of data backup tapes.

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