Do you spend too much time in your email inbox?

Do you spend a good part of your day going through unwanted emails? Are you constantly checking your inbox to wade through all the different messages you get? These could be spam mails or emails that you are copied into by a co-worker that are completely irrelevant to you.

This is a familiar story to many workers and a study by Fonality and Webtorials found that employees spend half of their day on “necessary, yet unproductive tasks, including routine communications and filtering incoming information and correspondence”. The study also found that reducing employee “unproductive time” by 25 percent could yield an extra six weeks of productivity per employee per year.

However, it’s all very well and good saying this, but how can you actually go about reducing this “unproductive time” you spend on emails? Here’s some advice we think will help:

Use email etiquette
When you follow simple etiquette rules, you will create more effective emails as a result. Some examples would be:

  • Write well-structured emails.
  • Keep emails short and concise.
  • Use descriptive subject lines.
  • Only mark emails as important if they really are.
  • Do not write in capitals.
  • Use a spell checker and read the email before sending.
  • Do not overuse the cc: field.
  • ALWAYS include an email signature.

Create email filters and folders
Most workers will work out of their email inbox as an easy way to keep track of tasks that need to be done. This can lead to keeping too many emails as a reference to go back to. Then, when it comes to looking up a past email, you have to search through your entire inbox to find it, taking up time that could be used on something else.

Optimize your inbox for productivity rather than storage by setting up filters for certain types of messages and create folders to store emails that you have finished working with. This will make it a lot easier to distinguish between emails that need to be actioned and emails that are for reference purposes, making your inbox less cluttered.

Use an effective spam filter 
A spam filter blocks unwanted emails, allows you to check quarantined emails and release messages where necessary. It is important that the spam filter is able to distinguish between known spam and suspected spam so that you only need to look through the suspected spam messages.

Exclaimer Anti-spam is built to recognize spam in a unique way using the Recurrent Pattern Detection® engine from Commtouch®, which compares every email you receive to global spam traffic trends.

Monitor employee email usage
Detect unproductive email usage by viewing reports on email usage, number of emails sent and received, and the size and type of attachments sent by each employee. Also, ensure that no one is sending inappropriate content that goes against your Acceptable Usage Policy for emails.

Exclaimer Image Analyzer provides business owners with the ability to scan any email passing through an Exchange Server for sexually explicit content. Using the latest technology, the software ensures no images of a pornographic or inappropriate nature pass through the corporate email system.

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