Do you know the difference between email backup and email archiving?

It is is interesting how many businesses confuse email backup with email archiving. They are actually two completely separate actions and both can have a significant impact on your business.

Essentially, an email backup is designed as a short-term insurance policy to facilitate disaster recovery. A backup saves a snapshot of email data and can be used to restore a system or a previously saved copy of the system.

However, email backup systems don’t necessarily make it easy to find and retrieve data when it is actually needed. Companies that manage their own email and backups often struggle to keep efficiencies high and costs low. This often means maintaining in-house backups on magnetic tapes, which are not always cost-effective.

Email archiving, on the other hand, is a historical reference that is generally accessed less frequently than a backup and is placed outside of the backup cycle. The storage requirements for archiving differ from a backup operation and focus on data authenticity, media longevity, high performance access and low cost of ownership.

The storage media used for archival processes needs to be stable with a long life as email data needs to be stored for multiple years.

It is a common misconception that email backup and email archiving serve the same purpose. For example, if you needed to find a host of email records, an administrator using an email backup would have to dig through volumes of saved data snapshots and format everything so that it complies with the original submission request. This takes time!

Using an email archiver, however, lets an administrator retrieve the necessary data quickly and output it to different formats.

Another misconception is that email backup is cheaper than email archiving. In the short run, it is less expensive to put all of your email data on to tape backup or a local server. However, in the long run, when you have been dealing with large volumes of #email data you have accumulated over a number of years, the cost of scaling, storing and protecting that data soon exceeds the cost of implementing a dedicated email archiving solution.

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