Could Your Business Really Cope Without An Email Archiver?

Many businesses run into problems when it comes to archiving emails within Microsoft Outlook . It’s worth mentioning that you’re not really archiving emails when you use the archiving feature in Outlook as the performance of your emails will still be slow and sluggish. Saving emails to local PST files is also not effective as we have discussed previously.

Basically, an IT administrator needs to remove the need for PST files without losing the ability to retrieve emails quickly. An email archiving solution is needed.

Not convinced you need one? Have a look at these situations below and ask yourself how you would react if the same thing happened to you:

  • You need to find a critical email or attachment that you remember sending years ago, but you can’t find it now. You have literally thousands of important emails in your Outlook folders, but you have no idea where to start looking for the email you need. How are you going to find it?
  • You’ve lost a contract, but you know that you have an electronic version of it attached to an emailHowever, you now can’t find it and it’s going to take you ages to look for it. Do you really want to spend your valuable time doing this when you could be doing something more productive?
  • You need to find an answer to an auditor’s question. The auditor wants the answer quickly. You know the answer is in an email, but you’re stalling the auditor by saying that you ‘know you have the email somewhere’, but you really don’t know where it is. This type of behavior will not be looked kindly on and will probably open up a new series of follow-up questions, each requiring another dive into your poorly archived emails. Can you really afford to have this happen to your business?
  • Your internal email server crashes or your external email provider goes down. A total email outage means that none of your clients are able to communicate with your business electronically. This damages your professional image and it may even make some clients believe that your organization has gone ‘out of business.’ What would seriously happen if you suffered a complete email mailbox catastrophe? Don’t you think this would directly impact your company? How much revenue would you lose while you try and get the problem fixed?

With the growth in email communication, particularly over the last 10 years, the need to ensure uninterrupted operation and the preservation of critical email communications is more of a necessity than ever before.

Email archiving saves you time, increases productivity and enhances the security of important data. Basically, you need these benefits for your company to prepare you for a number of different eventualities.. Fortunately, we have the perfect email archiving solution available that is intelligently price, easy to use and immensely powerful.

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