Could you be risking your email security?

With all the risks that are inherent to running a business, email security often appears quite low down in the list of priorities. However, you could be facing some serious hazards if your emails are not secured, so lets see how you can reduce your email security risk.

Spam filters

Spam emails are simply a fact of life sadly, continually clogging up inboxes and overloading email servers. Worse still, some of these emails contain malicious attachments that can cause catastrophic destruction to your IT infrastructure if left unchecked. Spammers are trying increasingly smarter techniques to get into your inbox, so it is essential that you have a strong spam filter in place and anti-spam software to give you maximum protection.

Anti-virus solutions

You should have a routine to check all emails for viruses. This applies to both spam emails and legitimate emails from colleagues and clients. Viruses can steal data and delete it beyond recovery, so make sure that all emails and attachments are scanned constantly to reduce the risk of a virus compromising your security.

Email archiving

A secure email archiver increases your email security dramatically. By using a solution that regularly backs-up and archives all email information, storing it in an encrypted form, the risk of data being stolen or lost is reduced considerably. With an email archive, you can also reduce the risk to your email server, thus preventing it from slowing down or overloading. It is the best way to store your emails and reduce any security risks.

In the end, email security risks are out there and they can very easily cause you untold misery. It could be an outside attack from a virus or could come from within your company due to overworked hardware. These risks are easily managed if the right steps are taken to protect yourself. So, it might be time to look at your email security policies and see if you are doing enough to protect your business.

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