Are you losing 360,000 marketing opportunities a year?

Studies have confirmed that every employee sends roughly 35 emails a day, which is a figure that continues to rise every year. For example, in a 50-person office, you are looking at about 1,700 emails every day, which constitutes a substantial marketing audience. Over a year, this could lead to 360,000 opportunities for you to market yourself that you might not be utilizing.

In short, if you have something being displayed in any email that you send, you can guarantee that it will get an audience. These are people that you want to be engaged with! No matter what size your organization is, the audience you reach will still be large as it will scale with the size of your workforce and operations.

You should consider your email signature to be an advertisement for what you can offer your customers.  Unlike other online marketing channels, you will have a prior relationship with each customer and will know what you plan to discuss with them. This means you can align the messaging in your email signature with the content of the email you send. There is also a nature of trust that comes from corporate email due to the recipient often knowing who you are and that you are coming from a reputable source (not spamming!).

If you know your customers well or want to ensure that your organization stays at the forefront of their mind, ensure that you have a properly branded email signature that incorporates important information such as event banners, special offers and social media links.

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