Common email marketing mistakes

Even experienced email marketers make mistakes, sometimes over and over again. Take a look at some of the most common mistakes so you know what to look out for in the future.

Leaving the subject line until the end

You’ve spent ages writing the perfect content, adding appropriate images, targeting the right audience and you’re ready to launch. However, you still need a subject line for the email. You can’t think what to put so you just use the email header, turning the subject line into an afterthought. The subject line has to catch your subscribers’ eye the moment they see it in their inbox. If it doesn’t, the rest of your email irrelevant as it simply won’t be opened.

Plan what the subject line is before you start creating the content of your email. Take the time to create a subject line that YOU would open based on careful thought and input from your colleagues. Test this over and over again to see what resonates with your target audience so that you can continually improve your email marketing strategy.

Creating pointless content

Emailing content that serves your company’s interest but doesn’t take into account the recipient is a big hazard. However, with deadlines looming and marketing initiatives that need supporting, this mistake can easily be made.

To keep your subscribers engaged, you need to create a consistently positive experience for them. This means tailoring your content so that it meets their needs. Make sure that you send tailored content to segmented audiences, created based on actions taken by recipients e.g. opens, clicks, purchases and sign-ups. Segmentation can provide the most notable metric lifts companies are looking for when done correctly.

Focusing on ROI

Email marketing is still really popular as it often provides good ROI. However, this can eventually become the only goal of your email marketing program. Email marketing should always be about relationship marketing, even when used for B2B lead generation with a purchased data list. If you create positive experiences for your subscribers over time, it builds the strength of your brand image, which will translate into more revenue generated.

The best course of action is to carefully monitor the open and click rates of your emails and to set a frequency strategy to keep track of how often you are mailing your audience.

Expecting new creative changes to bring immediate results

Improving your creative designs can improve the user experience and strengthen your brand but don’t expect an immediate rise in metrics. New creatives do not always translate into increased responses initially, but don’t let this dissuade you from doing it. Metrics may dip slightly, but eventually return to normal, if not eventually increase as your subscribers become accustomed to your new emails.

If you don’t receive any kind of measurable response, consider trying something new or even returning to your original designs and optimizing them. A/B-testing your creative updates can be a good way to do this.

Using email on its own

The best email marketing results occur when they are part of an integrated multichannel campaign. Email performance can be directly related to the quality of the product or offer, for example, or it can be boosted with relevant display ads or outstanding creative designs.

You can even tailor your email marketing messages to take into account what different parts of your marketing department ascertain from your promotions. A good strategy is to set up reporting meetings with players responsible for various marketing channels to discuss email performance and optimization plans.

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