Common email archiving mistakes

If you run a business, you understand that efficiency is paramount. When it comes to email archiving, that means trying to manage email as cheaply as possible.

Obviously, not all businesses use third party email archiving solutions as they are often perceived to be too expensive or unnecessary. In fact, it often costs businesses more in the long run if they don’t have an email archiver in place. This is one of the most common mistakes some businesses make regarding corporate email.

What are some of the others and how could an email archiving solution help?

An email audit for eDiscovery

All businesses end up involved in legal cases and lawsuits. When this happens, they have to go through the eDiscovery process. This involves requests for certain email messages and documents, which means delving into an email archive.

If a business doesn’t have an email archiving solution in place, it usually decides that the most prudent action is have an outside party audit its emails to find the requested documentation. This is often a time consuming and costly process.

If the business in question had had an email archiving solution, it would have just taken a single keyword search to find the required emails. It would also have cost less in the long-term than having a single one-off audit carried out.

Backing up emails to storage tape

Tape backups are still very common and many companies continue to use them to store all corporate data, including emails. This is considered to be a cost-effective solution for backing up data that needs to be held but not accessed on a regular basis.

However, the problem with tape is that it is simply a storage solution and not an archive. When you store emails on tape, the only way to find a single message is to run the tape, which takes up valuable time and costs money.

An email archiving solution carries out the same task, but does it performing a simple search. A tape has to be physically found so it can be run, while an email archiver can be searched from your desk. It’s pretty obvious which solution is the most efficient when you think of it like that.

Avoiding the purchase of an email archiving solution eventually leads to unwanted business costs. It’s only when you need an archive that you realize how much time and money you’d save by owning one.

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