Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation hurting businesses

A recent survey by email marketing firm, Cyberimpact, has found that the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), which came into effect last July, is having a negative impact on Canadian businesses. Cyberimpact found that half of its clients believe that CASL is hurting their ability to compete with U.S. businesses, even though the law applies to organizations worldwide.

The two main findings from the survey were:

  • Nearly 40 percent said CASL is spoiling their marketing strategy.
  • Six in ten said that they thought the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) had not done a proper job of raising awareness of the law.

Canada was the last G20 country to enact anti-spam legislation, which was a condition of certain international agreements Canada signed. In this regard, some believe that Canada has created a law that is TOO strict. Under CASL, no company can send email marketing materials without express consent. The penalty for a CASL violation is up to $10 million. Companies like Compu-Finder and Plenty of Fish have already received substantial fines for violating this law.

Below is an infographic from Cyberimpact that gives you a better idea of the effects CASL has had after a year:

CASL after one year.

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