Build social media followers with your email signature

Social media is the ‘hot topic’ right now and your organization is most likely active within the community. You probably regularly add tweets and posts across various social media platforms and you will have links to your pages on your company website.

Email as a familiar, well-integrated channel already has all the interaction most companies want out of social media. Subtly inviting customers to join you on social media can work much better than using paid advertising, direct marketing or other endorsements. This is where the advantage of adding social media links to your email signature comes into play.

Include links to your social media pages
By including social media links in your email signature, it is easy for your customers and contacts to connect with your organization. The people you are already in contact with are the ones that are most likely to be active social media participants.

A simple start can be adding a Twitter ‘Follow’ or Facebook ‘Share’ link to staff email signatures, but try to limit the number of links per signature and allocate them appropriately to various departments. Remember that different sets of customers may use different networks i.e. business customers may be on LinkedIn but consumers may use Facebook.

Include your latest blog or tweet
With an email signature solution, you can include dynamic content like your most recent Tweet or the headline of a recent blog post to encourage contacts to connect with you.

Adding these to an email signature is a great way to get loads of new fans for free and your customers are automatically kept up to date on any company news. Unilever added a Follow link to their employee signatures and went from 40,000 Followers to 235,000 in just 10 months!

Invite people to interact with you
Are you running a social media promotion or competition? Include an invitation to take part in your email signature. Want to get customer feedback on your products/services? Include a line to get customers to share their experiences. For example, your sales team could show a link for LinkedIn ‘Recommendations’ on the product they’re discussing.

With a signature software solution like Signature Manager Exchange Edition or Signature Manager Outlook Edition you can add a social media strip with all the official icons for relevant social networks in a click.

Also, take a look at our guide to Social Media in Signatures and see what the best and brightest are doing with their email signatures.