Big screens require mobile-friendly emails

Smartphone screen sizes continually increase in size. The larger the screen, the more it impacts on emails and encourages recipients to open your emails on their phones. Unsurprisingly, more #emails than ever are being answered and sent from mobiles and this trend looks likely to continue.

This is backed up by evidence from Litmus in August 2014, which analysed on which client 835 million emails were opened.

Email client market share, top 10:

Apple iPhone             26%

GMail                         15%

Apple iPad                 13%

Outlook                     11%

Apple Mail                 7%

Google Android         6%              5%

Yahoo! Mail               5%

Windows Live Mail    2%

AOL Mail                    1%

So, if more emails are being handled on mobile, we all need to think about making sure that emails we send are mobile-friendly. Important points to consider include:

  • How the email will look when it arrives.
  • The size of the message.
  • What attachments will be sent.
  • Subject line.
  • How the recipient is likely to react.
  • Using a single, clear call-to-action.
  • Only use images that are essential to the content.

If your emails are not optimized for mobiles, you can expect the effectiveness of your email communications to be impacted negatively.

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