Being prepared for e-discovery

The legal term discovery has been used in business for a long time and is known as the process by which parties involved in a legal dispute can request the production of information from other parties as evidence in a case.

As so much modern business is now conducted electronically, organizations have to be prepared for the electronic branch of discovery, known as e-discovery.

E-discovery demands that all electronic information be readily available and accessible in its exact original format should it be required for legal examination. This can be requested of any organization and the consequences for failing to retain electronic data can be very serious.

Most organizations eventually receive an e-discovery request of some sorts and failure to produce the appropriate information asked of it means reparations. The biggest law that governs e-discovery is the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in the US, but there are many others to consider such as the Civil Procedure Rules in England.

Choosing a dedicated email archiving solution means that you can archive email correspondence as soon as it is sent and received, preserving the integrity of all electronic content. The emails are then all indexed and stored so they can be easily accessed and retrieved in the event of an e-discovery request.

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