Are your marketing emails reaching consumers?

Did you know that one in six emails (17%) sent by marketers never reach the intended recipients’ mailboxes? 11% of these will simply go missing while the other 6% end up in spam/junk folders.

Based on the findings of a recent report from Return Path, 492 million commercial messages, all sent with express permission from consumers, were analyzed between May 2013 and April 2014. It was discovered that the proportion of emails that didn’t arrive in inboxes stayed fairly consistent throughout the time period examined, including the end-of-year holiday shopping season when email volume generally increases dramatically.

Inbox placement by country

Inbox placements tended to vary significantly over the 12-month period. European marketers seemed to struggle more than their North American counterparts when it came to messages going missing, but had less mail routed to subscribers’ spam folders.

Brazilian senders had the hardest time getting their emails to subscribers, with nearly one-third of their messages disappearing altogether. This could be because Brazil is considered to be one of the worst offenders when it comes to email spam.

Inbox placement by industry 

The industries most dependent on consumer relationships received high delivery rates over the time period examined. For example, retailers had more than 90% of their emails arrive in mailboxes successfully. Financial services companies, including banks and insurers, also reached customers’ inboxes fairly consistently.

On the other hand, publishers, media/entertainment providers and tech companies had more messages than average end up lost in spam/junk folders.

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