Are You Tracking Link Clicks in Email Signatures?

Email signatures are great for driving traffic to your website and social media channels. This is through the use of promotional banners, clickable icons, and hyperlinks. However, if you’re not capturing data by tracking the link clicks in your email signatures, how are you to know which banners and links are most effective?

If you’re using a web analytics platform such as Google Analytics to capture site traffic data from sources such as web advertising or email marketing, it makes sense to also track traffic coming from your corporate email signatures.


How can you track link clicks in your email signatures?

When creating an HTML email signature, every link you add to your website should include a tracking URL. This will help you identify the traffic source within your web analytics platform and show you how much traffic you are getting from your corporate email signatures.

For example, if you use Google Analytics to track website traffic, you can create a campaign URL using the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder. You can include a campaign source, medium, name, term and content to help identify and differentiate your email signature campaigns.

It’s best to keep the Campaign Source the same for each email signature you use within your company, e.g. Email_Signature. If your company uses a different signature for each department, make sure that this is specified within the parameters. For example, the Campaign Content could be Email_Signature_HR or Email_Signature_Finance.


Why should you use tracking URLs in email signatures?

When creating digital marketing campaigns, you will inevitably track the data to evaluate how successful the campaign is. Think of an email signature as part of your company’s digital marketing campaign. It can be used to drive additional traffic to your site so you will want to monitor the click rate. Successful links and banners can then be used to further optimize future marketing campaigns.


Need help managing your corporate email signatures?

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