Are these points on your email retention policy?

With the rapid rise in regulatory email compliance laws throughout all industries, more organizations are looking into their email archiving policies. Obviously, the main reasons for archiving is in the event of a lawsuit when just one email can be a vital part of the eDiscovery process.

Whether you are just setting up an email archiver or you already have a policy in place, here is a useful checklist to determine your organization’s email retention needs:

  • What is your current email archiving policy? Do you even have one?
  • Is your company required to preserve emails to comply with industry regulations e.g. healthcare, finance etc? If so, for how long?
  • Which employees need access to other employees’ emails?
  • Could an auditor visit your work premises and request information be presented to them on site? Will you be asked to produce any email data on external media?
  • Should all emails be retained in one central location for easy access? What are the pros and cons of doing this?
  • Do certain emails need to be kept longer for company use or will all emails be retained for the same period of time?
  • Are you looking to reduce the load on your mail server by archiving emails onto another system?
  • Does your company need to be prepared for any eDiscovery requests due to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure?

By discussing these points with all relevant departments in your company, you will have a better idea of its email archiving needs. You will then be able to draft an email archiving policy and select the best email archiving solution for the task.

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