Add Promotional Banners to All Email Signatures

Your website will showcase your latest offerings to customers continuously, yet it will gain less visits per day than the total number of emails that your organization sends.

Are you running a special offer? Will you be attending an upcoming event or tradeshow? Have you recently won an award? Whatever your aims, the email signature channel can be instrumental towards achieving them.

Let dedicated email signature software turn every email sent from your company into a powerful marketing tool by adding promotional banners that can feature your products, services, offers and more. This creative way to increase your marketing reach costs practically nothing and is guaranteed to reach a large targeted audience.

  • Easily compose company-wide email signature banners that don’t appear as attachments. Vary these for different teams and departments.
  • Give marketing direct control over any signature content, allowing them to automatically add new banners as and when they are required.
  • Have a number of campaigns running at any given time, with different marketing messages being delivered to different segments of your email contacts.
  • Reduce the load on IT staff so that banners can be updated quickly without having to use precious technological assets.
  • Use date-based rules to add a banner for an upcoming promotion or event, then automatically remove/update it where needed.
  • Increase attendance at your next open house, tradeshow or event by including reminders in your email signature.
  • Append the signatures on new emails so that future email replies do not get cluttered with promotional banners OR change the banner under each reply for maximum marketing benefit.
  • Capture data on clicks in an email signature to Google Analytics or other marketing automation software.

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