6 Ways to Make Your Emails Look More Professional

Email marketing has now become so competitive with many companies fighting it out to get the attention of consumers. Your emails can still end up getting lost in your target audience’s inbox clutter or even end up in their spam folders.

With all of the emails that get sent out every day (we’re talking billions!), catchy subject lines and and great promotions simply aren’t enough to get strong campaign results. Obviously, the email signature is an important part of this. At the most basic level, an email signature lets someone know who they are dealing with, but we always advocate how they can be so much more.

However, there are some other tips that we suggest you use to make your emails more professional which will improve how your campaigns are received. Here are 6 ways to make your emails look more professional:

Keep Subject Lines Short

Subject lines that are too long tend to be overbearing and often deter readers. If it is too wordy, it is less likely that someone will open the email. For example, the subject line “Check out these exceptional holiday destinations in Madrid” is too long. In comparison, the subject line “Madrid holiday resorts” lets readers know the purpose of the email without loading their inbox with a lengthy subject line.

Make Sure the Emails Can be Read on a Mobile

It is a fact that more people than ever are using mobile devices to manage their email accounts. This means it is really important to ensure your emails are compatible on multiple devices. If an email looks fantastic on a computer but becomes difficult to read on a mobile device, it will lose its value and will turn off potential customers. Remember to increase your font size, convert your email into a singular column template and make your call to action easy to understand in order to improve mobile compatibility.

Use a Personal Email Address

Recipients typically trust a personalized email address as a rule. You are more likely to get someone to open your email from a ‘real‘ address ([email protected]) rather than a generic company address (s[email protected]). A combination of a person’s name and a company name together in the sender name works well too. You’ve just got to A/B test what works best for your particular company, brand and industry as well as see what’s ideal based on who you’re sending emails to.

Use the Preview Text

This is the text that follows the subject line in most email client inboxes. When you send an email, the subject line is accompanied with an excerpt from the body of the email. Rather than having a random line, use it to provide a short synopsis of what you’re offering (keep it to 50 characters or less). This looks more professional than a sentence that cuts off at the end or irrelevant ‘blurb’.

Link All the Images

The main goal of email marketing is to drive traffic to your website. Using plain links makes the copy look boring and can make your email look like spam. The best way around this is to add a link to images in the email e.g. have a link to your home page added to an image of your company logo. These images will improve the appearance of your emails while generating site traffic.

Edit the Plain-Text Version

It’s often taken for granted that all customers are able to see the beautiful HTML-rich email content you send to them. However, what if they can’t? What if the recipient has chosen to only view emails in plain text? If this is the case, then what they will receive is a mass of text that makes no sense and blank boxes where the images should be. No one would want to read an email like that, so the best way to get around this is to ensure that you take the time to edit the plain-text version of the email too. Cut out the extra text, shorten long tracking links (tools like and can do this) and make the body copy simple.


These are just SOME of the ways you can improve your email marketing. Always make sure that you are offering something compelling to the correct target audience, whilst making sure that you check all the little details that go into making an email. This will help you increase your click rates and generate more business opportunities.

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