6 Email Marketing Tips for Engaging Content

Whether you’re sending a monthly newsletter or communication for an exciting product launch, it’s essential that the content of your email is engaging. By creating compelling email content, you’re likely to see an increase in open rates and higher click through rates. However, producing content that is going to encourage your recipients to actually interact with your email is easier said than done.

So, what do you need to do to create an effective marketing email that your recipients will actually read and engage with? We’ve put together some email marketing tips below to create the most engaging content.

1. Start with the Subject Line

Email marketing tips - don't forget the subject line

One common mistake email marketers make is not putting enough thought into the subject line. This is the first thing your recipients will see – you need to engage them immediately. Out of all the email marketing tips presented here, ignore this one at your peril!

An effective marketing email always uses a subject line that grabs a recipient’s attention, giving just enough information to leave them wanting more.

Check out this post on the importance of the subject line for more helpful tips.

2. Keep the Copy Short and Sweet

The key to creating an effective marketing email is by not overwhelming your recipient with tons of text. It’s best to keep your paragraphs short and to get to the point quickly, particularly if you want your recipients to click on your call-to-action.

If your email copy needs further explanation, provide a link to a webpage that provides more information, such as your newsroom or a blog post.

3. Include a Call-To-Action

Email marketing tips - create compelling CTAsYou’ve managed to get your recipient to open the email and hooked them with the copy, so the next thing you want them to do is to click through. This is why you need to include a strong call-to-action (CTA).

A call-to-action needs to have short, actionable language, such as “click here” or “get it now”. It must stand out quite clearly in the email, as many recipients will quickly skim read the content first. An effective way to get your call-to-action stand out is by using buttons.

Try to only include one call-to-action (unless it’s a newsletter), so as not to confuse your recipient, and to keep your click through rates high.

4. Focus on the Recipient

A effective way of getting recipients to engage with your email is by directing the message towards them. Focus on how you can help them, rather than what you do.

For example, if you’re releasing a new product, talk about how it will benefit them and what problems it will solve. This is better than just providing a basic overview of the product’s features.

Write in the second person by using the word “you” more often than “we”. This will help to create an emotional connection with the recipient, as it will show you are focusing on them and their needs.

5. Add Images, Not Just Text

According to HubSpot, 65% of people prefer emails with mostly images rather than text. However, make sure you’re not just relying on images as many email providers don’t automatically download graphics. This could leave your message unnoticed or even blocked by spam filters.

6. Create a Custom Template

Don’t just stick with a standard plain white template. A truly effective marketing email comes to life with colors and graphics to a company’s branding.

However, don’t go too crazy with graphics. You want your recipients to focus on the copy above all else. Also remember that not all email clients will render the images as you expect.

If you don’t know how to code email templates yourself, hire an experienced designer to create an HTML email template for you and ensure that it’s optimized for mobile users. If you’re looking for design inspiration, check out HubSpot’s examples of some modern email designs.


With some people receiving hundreds of emails a day, you need to be sending truly effective marketing emails that encourage further action. If opened, most of your recipients may only skim read your email, which is why you need to make your copy and call-to-actions stand out.

That’s why we recommend using these email marketing tips to gain your recipients’ trust by creating relevant content that suits their needs. The end result will be that you leave them wanting more, ultimately helping to improve your overall engagement rates.

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