5 Tips to Organize Emails Effectively

It is staggering how many emails are sent worldwide every day. Whether they are personal or business, it plays a massive influence on our daily lives.

Try the following five useful tips to effectively organize emails for your company.

Bring your emails together

You use Outlook at work, Gmail in your personal life and have an iOS device. It can be an annoyance to switch between different email clients. The simplest solution is to setup a system so that different email addresses all deliver to one central account. If you aren’t sure how to do this, just do a simple Google search where you’ll find numerous pieces of information.

Use keyboard shortcuts

Don’t just rely on your mouse! By familiarizing yourself with some keyboard shortcuts, you’ll find that you up your productivity and save some valuable time. This can make your whole computer experience much easier.

Some basic shortcuts are:



Ctrl + C Copy  + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste  + V Paste
Ctrl + F Find word on page  + F Find word on page
Ctrl + A Select All  + A Select All
Ctrl + N (“C” in Gmail) New Email  + N (“C” in Gmail) New Email

Get control of your inbox

If you aren’t careful, your inbox will be bombarded by hundreds of unwanted emails. It can also become a haven for old emails you have archived and include various to-do lists that you simply never get round to. You should create folders to organize emails by priority, sender, date, and importance. Doing this will help you manage your workload more efficiently as you’ll have a better idea of what you need to do and when for, while de-cluttering your inbox at the same time.

Invest in an email archive

Businesses receive huge amounts of emails every day. This email load can become overwhelming very quickly and takes up precious server space. Also, they can cause eDiscovery and general convenience problems that can take a lot of time and money to sort out.

Whether you are working for a large or small business, you will also face compliance issues too, so you really need a solution that can solve all these problems for you in one go. Email archiving provides a scalable, searchable and safe email storage solution, no matter what your budget is.

Remember email security

As email is one of the most used methods of communication in the world, it can often contain sensitive and private data. To avoid any data ‘leaks’, it is essential to have a strong email password to minimize the risk of having your important information stolen. Make sure to use a healthy mixture of letters, numbers and characters for this.

Also, be very careful when dealing with spam emails. These will often contain malicious attachments that be very harmful to your privacy and/or your computer. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of an email, either delete it or forward it to your IT department for further investigation.

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