5 reasons why you need email archiving

Modern businesses thrive on data that needs to be managed and preserved. This goes beyond simply protecting important information and is often a mandatory requirement for legal and regulatory reasons.  Implementing a solid email archiving strategy mitigates the risk of critical data loss, protects your intellectual property and saves you time and money.

Check out our top five reasons as to why email archiving is important for protecting your information, reputation and future:

Intellectual property protection

Email archiving lets you preserve and protect important  intellectual property and other business data being shared and stored in emails and attachments.

Data preservation

So much communication is conducted through email meaning securing business conversations, contracts and other commitments can make all the difference to to your business.

Compliance maintenance

Laws regarding the regulation of data continue to expand at a rapid rate, meaning that nearly every business is requited to maintain some kind of archiver of electronically stored information (ESI).

IT cost reduction

Dedicated archiving saves hours of manpower that would have to be spent finding important email communications. This is especially important if a business has to suddenly comply with an eDiscovery request. Also, less hardware requirements means overall cost savings.

Search and discovery

Archivers let you use fast and accurate search protocols to help you find that vital email within seconds. It becomes simple to focus on discovery requests, quickly respond to audit investigations and perform internal enquiries should the need require it.

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