4 Simple Email Productivity Tips

Did you know that there are over 4.3 billion email accounts in existence? As you are most likely aware, email is essential and continues to grow in usage.

In order to get the most out of this communication tool, an effective email management system is a great way to increase your productivity in the workplace . This will, in turn, help you to manage your email inbox and improve your response times to critical emails. Read these four simple email productivity tips in order to get complete control over your digital life.

1. Organize your emails

It can be soul destroying to go through mountains of emails every day. The best way to manage this is to set up a system that allows you to get control of your inbox. If an email doesn’t require an action and you have an email archiving solution in place, delete it. You can always retrieve the email from the archiver at a later date. This will leave only important emails in your inbox that you have to action.

2. Turn off automatic updates

This might seem like an odd thing to suggest, but by turning off your automatic delivery notification tool, you can free up more time to concentrate on other business activities. You will still need to set time aside to check through your emails every working day and responding to emails that require some form of action, but by sticking to a schedule, your day-to-date activities will become easier to manage.

3. Act logically

When you open an email, don’t move on to the next one until you’ve replied or taken a necessary action. Moving onto another email means you might forget about the previous message, which could land you in trouble if it’s an urgent request.

4. Don’t use email for everything

In some cases, email is not the best method of communication. If you’re sending an internal email to a colleague, it can sometimes be better to just go over to their desk and speak to them directly. Other times, a quick phone call or video conference can avoid elaborate email conversations. Social media and instant messaging tools like Microsoft Teams or Slack can also be used to make email management easier as responses tend to be more immediate.

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