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Top 5 Christmas Email Marketing Tips

Christmas is just around the corner, which often involves a change to email marketing strategies. With many businesses in the West 'winding down' from the middle of December, you need to spend time carefully planning how you are going to maximize your email marketing results during this period.

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Outlook Photos v2.10 Released

We have just released the latest version of Outlook Photos. Download your updated version today via the…

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The Top 5 Email Marketing Myths

Most businesses use email for important communications. However, even though email has been around for a long…

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10 Top Tips on Mobile Email Etiquette

Mobile devices are great for sending and replying to emails when on the move. However, sometimes, email…

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Introducing Signature Manager Office 365 Edition

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest product, Signature Manager Office 365 Edition, the…

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Social Media & Email Signatures

Email as a familiar, well-integrated channel already has all the interaction most companies want out of social…

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Introducing New Exclaimer Email Signature Design Service

Designing an email signature is actually more difficult than many people would think. A well branded and…

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6 Ways to Improve Your Overall Email Open Rate

Email is now an intrinsic part of our daily lives. From what was once a novelty in…


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