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Don’t Use Urgent Email Flags to Get Attention

So you send an email that you desperately need an answer to.  You add a ‘high priority’ […]

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Use Email Marketing & Social Media Together

Reports of the death of email have been greatly exaggerated. 75% of adults under the age of…

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Add Promotional Banners to All Email Signatures

Your website will showcase your latest offerings to customers continuously, yet it will gain less visits per…

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Ensure Email Signatures Conform to Brand Guidelines

You wouldn’t let employees create their own business cards, so why would you let them create their…

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Exclaimer Signature Family: New Versions Released

Please note that these products are no longer available to purchase. If you are a Signature Manager or…

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Turn Email Signatures Into Marketing Assets

What do you think when you hear the term email marketing? You probably think of email newsletters…

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Exclaimer Cloud vs Microsoft Exchange

If you use Microsoft Exchange to send emails, you need Exclaimer Cloud Signatures for Exchange .  Learn…

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Exclaimer Signature Manager vs Microsoft Outlook

Please note that this product is no longer available to purchase. If you are a Signature Manager Outlook Edition…

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Avoid These Common Holiday Email Scams

According to law enforcement reports across the world, there is always an increase in cyber-criminal activity during…


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