10 reasons to use email marketing

Email marketing is used by organizations of all sizes as a form of targeted digital advertising at an affordable price. Businesses now have the ability to reach thousands of users with just the click of a button. Here are ten reasons why we feel email marketing may be of benefit to your business:

Target certain users

Email marketing allows you to choose exactly who you are going to send email communications to. You can segment your data via various demographic information including location, gender, industry, purchase history etc. This means that that you only target the people who are truly interested in your product and/or service, maximizing your ROI.


Digital marketing as a whole is a much more affordable way of promoting your brand over other avenues like events and direct mail. With digital marketing, you can track your budget to the last penny and easily stop campaigns that aren’t seeing positive results. This means you can try different methods for a smaller cost than traditional marketing. Email marketing costs depend on the reach of your campaign, with some services allowing you to buy their data for a set price, while others charge depending on the number of users you send out to.

Measurable results

Digital marketing gives you access to important stats such as impressions (how many people see your campaign) and click-through rates. By using online analytic tools, you can find out exactly what it is customers love about your brand and what they don’t enjoy. With email marketing, you can collect the same results and turn each click-through into a sale from one office location.

Interactive content

Emails aren’t just about text, images and links. You can include other multimedia elements like videos, animated banners, surveys and other interactive tools to keep your customers engaged with your organization.

Track ROI

As email marketing is measurable, you can track your budget and the return you receive from it with ease. You effectively cut out the middleman and put all of the marketing power in your own hands.

Raise brand awareness

Even if a customer doesn’t click a link in your email, sending out a well branded and professional communication to your database ensures you remain present in users’ minds. By sending emails at appropriate times, you are maintaining a relationship with your customers and making sure they remember why they do business with you in the first place.

Build loyalty

You can use email marketing for many purposes such as a product promotion or offering your loyal customers specific benefits like special discounts. By rewarding existing customers, you are more likely to encourage repeat business and increase brand loyalty. For new customers, you can offer them attractive introductory discounts for a first-time purchase.

Reach an international audience

The reach of email marketing is undeniable. You can extend your brand awareness and interest potential customers in places you would never have been able to reach with more traditional marketing techniques.

Quick response rates

Digital and online advertising have a notoriously fast conversion rate. By offering incentives such as discount codes and special offers, email marketing can make a customer make a snap decision to purchase from you and inspire new customers to try your product/service with one click.

Drive sales

The aim of all digital and email marketing is to convert leads into sales. If you use targeted, measurable marketing that lets you stay ahead of the curve, you can preempt what you customers want, drive new sales and maintain a happy customer base.