10 points to remember with email signatures

After more than 13 years, 47 million users and multiple awards for our email signature software, we like to think that we know a thing or two about this subject! Here are some top tips that will help you make the most out of your email signatures.

Create exceptional email signatures
Customers, vendors and associates will undoubtedly judge your company by not only the content, but also the look of your email and your email signature. By employing effective signatures, you are harnessing a low-cost, high-volume and trusted marketing channel.

Target specific people
Capitalize on the emails you and your employees send out every day. Different signatures on each group’s email (customer support, sales, account management) can be used to communicate different messages to different segments or at different stages of the sales process.

Stay brand compliant
Apply the same care to your email signature as you do with all of your other corporate communications. We recommend going beyond uniformity so vary your branding according to the sender’s department i.e. give customer services one and the sales team another.

Make your email signature social
A recipient is already thinking of your organization when they are reading your email, so what better place to introduce them to your Twitter feed, Facebook page or RSS feeds?

Support your campaigns
Add signature banners to all emails to support your marketing campaigns, highlight events that you will be attending and promote your products and services to your main target audience. This creative way to increase your marketing reach costs practically nothing.

Have the correct contact details
Name, job title, department, phone number. Make sure all contact details given out in employees’ email signature are accurate and up to date.

Keep your signatures legal
Have the right disclaimers in place for your geographic location and sector. Disclaimers protect your company, employees, customers and best interests.

Remember internal communications
Internal email signatures are a great way to update and inform all employees of important company information.

Use dedicated software
Email signature software like Signature Manager Outlook Edition and Signature Manager Exchange Edition ensures consistent appearance, content control, accurate targeting. change management, dynamic content and marketing system integration.

Get the definitive guide to email signatures
To help your marketing team, we’ve written a comprehensive guide on turning your email signature into a valuable marketing asset without making life difficult for your IT department.

Get a free copy of our official Email Signatures for Dummies and see how simple is to make your email signature do more.

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